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Welcome To My Website

Hi, my name is Raja.  Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will have the opportunity to learn something about the more hidden side of life, free will, destiny, and ultimate release from the wheel of repeated birth and death, as revealed through your Vedic horoscope.

The Great University

The cosmos can be compared to a great celestial university consisting of many different departments and classes where living beings come to take up various subjects and to learn lessons about life. If we learn our lessons we are promoted to higher or more advanced classes until we ‘graduate’. Otherwise we must repeat those lessons that we fail, until eventually, we pass and move on.

In a spiritual sense, we come to this world to learn lessons that will allow us to develop and grow on a soul level. It is through our free will that we act. Those actions in turn create our reality, and thus the environment, in which we will learn future lessons. Once created, we are destined to act out that reality, but even within this, we still have a limited amount of free will to choose.

The astrology chart is a fantastic tool we can use to help us ascertain what we should focus on in this life, what lessons we have created for ourselves in the past, and how we use our freewill in the present to create the best possible outcome for our future.

Light From God

There are many different approaches to astrology, with its various methods and techniques. On this website and in my practice we will be using the Vedic, or Indian system of astrology, known as ‘Jyotish’. The word jyotish is composed of two root words: ‘jyoti’, meaning light, and ‘isha’, meaning God, or the controller. So vedic astrology can be taken to mean ‘light from God’.

Vedic astrology comes from the ancient Vedic scriptures of India, which are meant to help human beings navigate and find ultimate release from the wheel of samsara, or repeated birth and death. ‘Veda’ simply means knowledge. The ancient scriptures of India are full of all kinds of knowledge that is intended to help living beings to make the most of their sojourn through this great university we call life.

What Can My Jyotish Chart Tell Me?

Your birth chart is like a map, or a blueprint of the fruits of one’s previous actions, whether positive, negative or neutral. Having insight into your birth chart can be very helpful on a number of levels, including:

  • Understanding Financial Potential
  • Physical and Mental Health Issues
  • Relationship/Marriage Issues
  • Career Issues
  • Spiritual Growth/Karmic Issues

All these areas can be illumined with the help of a jyotish reading. Not only is your horoscope helpful for understanding your present and past circumstances, you can use your birth chart as a tool to help identify opportune times for material progress or positive spiritual growth and advancement on one’s higher path.