Meet Raja Perry

Raja Perry is a Vedic astrologer with a strong background in the Eastern spiritual tradition, and has been involved in the practice of Vedic astrology since 1985. The pursuit of those practices has led him to studies with some of the most accomplished and recognised astrologers, including Dr N. Ranganatha Desika, Dr David Frawley and Sanjay Rath.

A teenage awakening

It was during his mid teens that Raja began to spontaneously awaken to something more than the lure of materialism and the usual teenage pursuits. The profound realisations which he was experiencing drew him towards an exploration spiritual life, self realisation and life after death. He drew strong inspiration from the explanations and philosophical depth which he found in Eastern religions. This led Raja to several years of monastic life in a Hindu spiritual lineage.

Discovering Jyotish

It was some years on and a world away in Puerto Rico that Raja first encountered the science of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology. Stunned and inspired by the accuracy of the readings which he received when a friend presented him with his Vedic Astrological chart, Raja was set on this path which has endured as the driving force in his life to this day. Raja commenced his studies with Dr David Frawley in the late 1980’s and, upon completion, it was Dr Frawley who convinced Raja to take up Jyotish as his profession.

A life of learning

The depths of Vedic Astrology are so profound and far reaching that one can study this science and art for a lifetime and still leave much unturned: and so it is that Raja continues his studies, going ever deeper into the ocean of Vedic astrology.

Raja has come to find that not only does the practice of Jyotish demand perpetual study, with a plethora of approaches and techniques but that personal growth is integral to one’s studies on the way to achieving mastery. In this, Raja has found his journey to be a true calling.