What is needed to cast my horoscope?

In order for your horoscope to be read, we must first erect the chart. That requires an exact time of birth (preferably accurate to within a few minutes), the place of birth (city and country) and the birth date (date, month, year).

This data will allow the astrologer to cast an accurate map of the planetary patterns that were current when you were born. From there, the astrologer will be able to interpret the meaning of the various patterns, placements and conditions of the planets, what they mean, and how they affect you.

Many people don’t have a clue about their actual time of birth because birth times are not always given much importance in the Western world. Eastern cultures tend to place much more importance on accurate birth times, since the practice of using astrologers is traditionally part of their culture. So often one of the first things an astrologer will ask a client is what is the source of the birth time?┬áIs it taken from a birth certificate or other hospital records? Does the time come from your mother’s memory (or the testimony of another close relative that was present at the birth)? Was the time rectified (worked out retrospectively) by another astrologer or diviner? Since astrology is the science of time, accurate birth times are important if the reading itself is to be accurate.

In situations where the birth time is either unknown or only approximate, rectification will be necessary. This involves taking known events and dates from the client’s past and working forward to come up with a time of birth. This can be time consuming and the astrologer may need to charge a bit extra for the time and effort involved.

What can I expect from my astrology reading?

Once the horoscope has been cast, then all the various portfolios of life as shown in the horoscope are open to be examined. These include health and personality, finance and family, domestic issues, psychological or emotional health, children, investments, competitors, enemies and litigation, marriage and intimacy, weaknesses, longevity, general fortune, spirituality, career, etc. Depending on the interests of the client, one, two, or most all of the above portfolios can be examined during the session.

Raja strives to counsel and empower the client to take more charge of their life by understanding their planetary energies. This allows the client to take advantage of favourable and strong areas of life for maximum success, and avoid wasting time and energy in areas that are karmically weak, unfavourable, or where you’d be swimming against the current.

Astro remedies will be suggested where appropriate. Astro remedies consist of things like fasting, charity, mantras (sacred chants), colour therapy, gem therapy, ritual worship, etc. When indicated in the horoscope and carried out sincerely by the client, these astro remedies can be very helpful at improving the quality of the client’s life.


For an initial reading, the charge is $200 and the session will extend for between 60 and 90 minutes. Follow up astrology sessions are charged at the rate of $75 per hour. Using astrology as tool for growth is a dynamic process and is not simply a one off look at the stars. The horoscope is composed of layers and can therefore be compared to an onion. It may take time to peel back the various layers and go deeper into the energies of the horoscope. Therefore periodic follow up sessions can be helpful, and many clients like to have a follow up session once every 6 months to a year or so to make sure they are on track in their growth process or just to explore new developments in their lives.